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Brewing Tranquility: How a Cured Leaves Tea Employee Kicked Her Coffee Habit with Herbal Tea

Brewing Tranquility: How a Cured Leaves Tea Employee Kicked Her Coffee Habit with Herbal Tea

Cassidy Hardaway, virtual assistant to Cured Leaves Tea’s founder, didn’t realize she had a coffee addiction until it was too late. Like many, she started drinking coffee in college because she was surrounded by coffee drinkers. Drinking coffee helped her find ways to connect with her peers.

Since then, coffee had played a prominent role in Cassidy’s daily life. She particularly treasured the coffee break at work, for example, where she could take a pause in her day to get her caffeine fix while socializing with coworkers.

But as she transitioned to working from home in 2021, the coffee break grew into something else, with Cassidy consuming as many as two entire pint glasses of iced coffee through the day—the equivalent of four standard cups per day. It wasn't until September of 2023 when a conversation with a friend who was suffering from anxiety and quitting caffeine as a result caused Cassidy to question her own relationship with coffee.

Dealing with anxiety herself for years, Cassidy decided to experiment with quitting coffee, motivated by her friend's experience. The six months leading up to her decision had been particularly challenging, with increased anxiety levels. The breaking point came during a Christmas visit to family, where poor sleep, excessive caffeine intake, and a perpetual cycle of tiredness left her physically and mentally exhausted.

Opting for a cold-turkey approach on New Year's Day 2024, Cassidy trudged through a weekend of fatigue and afternoon naps as her body adjusted. However, this initial discomfort soon gave way to positive changes. She managed to reset her sleep schedule, incorporate movement breaks instead of coffee breaks during afternoon slumps, and prioritize sleep hygiene. The results were clear: Cassidy discovered a newfound energy and focus.

In place of coffee, Cassidy turned to herbal teas as a comforting alternative. Initially drawn to white tea for its lower caffeine content, she explored various herbal blends from Cured Leaves

Tea, such as Quietude and Sweet Holy Basil Lemongrass, favoring their calming effects. Drinking solely water during the day, Cassidy found a new ritual brewing an herbal tea before bed, transforming the evening routine into a moment of self-care and relaxation.

Reflecting on the shift, Cassidy notes a significant reduction in her anxiety. Her heart stopped racing and she became able to better maintain focus. Her sleep has also improved, eliminating the constant sleepiness she’d often feel during the day.

Beyond the mental and emotional benefits, Cassidy has also experienced improvements in her physical health. Chronically dehydrated during her coffee-centric days, her increased water consumption has alleviate the headaches that had become a common occurrence when consuming caffeine.

Cassidy’s embracing herbal tea was a transformative experience, and she urges others to consider making the switch. The variety of tea options, coupled with lower caffeine levels, provides a flexibility that coffee simply lacks. Although she acknowledges her own initial resistance to change, she’s confident that with a little exploration and experimentation, anyone can find an herbal tea that will bring them satisfaction.

Looking to transition from coffee to tea? We’ve got you covered! Check out our wide selection of herbal teas, black teas, green teas, and more!

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