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Your new tea obsession

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Cured Leaves Tea Company is a socially conscious business designed in layers of wellness that connects people and communities, promotes wellness, and influences mindful tea culture.

The Cured Leaves story begins with a seed and grows from earth-to-cup, fostering the concept of universal connection and growth.

Tea is a habit. We use it as a tool to create space for repetitive success, healthier living, and better mental wellness in the lives of our clients and partners.

We have seen how effective tea can be, so we want to extend that sensation and experience to as many people as possible.

During our early stages of development, we fell in love with the purity and artistry of tea. We saw tea served as a resource rather than a commodity, and this idea of tea as a service is now a part of our vision. Our tea lines are designed around the entire experience of self-awareness, wellness, and the expansion that you feel from each cup. We use our products and services to encourage you and to invoke every single sense (touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste) through our premium loose-leaf teas. We want your tea experience to be a spiritual one which entraps all your senses.

We chose to source from Africa because of the rich soil and endless resources that the land provides. It allows us to enhance and empower our partners, workers, and customers while serving as a bridge between all our communities.

The teas at Cured Leaves Tea Company connect you first to yourself and your senses, then to everything and everyone around you. We want you to be as expansive and lively as you can be, but first tea.

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