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The Health Benefits of Tea as a Cold Weather Beverage with Cured Leaves Tea Co.

The Health Benefits of Tea as a Cold Weather Beverage with Cured Leaves Tea Co.

Now that winter is settling in and we are dealing with all the cold, snowy weather that comes with it, it’s the perfect time to curl up in your favorite place with a hot cup of tea. It’s also a great way to celebrate National Hot Tea Month!

Drinking tea in the cold months not only helps us stay warm and feel comfortable, both of which are essential to getting through the cold months, but it also provides a number of health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at why tea is the healthiest thing to drink (besides water) when the temperature drops.


We often associate dehydration with hot weather, but it’s actually easier to get dehydrated when you’re cold. There are a number of reasons for this, but primarily it’s because cold weather reduces our perception of thirst. And although it often contains caffeine, which is a diuretic and can dehydrate us, there is not enough caffeine in it to cause severe hydration. However, tea does consist mostly of water, which is essential for hydration. So if you’re not into drinking water when you’re cold, drink some hot tea instead!

Immune System Support

We all know that we tend to get sick more during Winter. The cold air helps viruses survive longer, while our own defense systems tend to get dried out and thus more susceptible to infections. The cold weather can also temporarily suppress our immune system, in part due to reduced Vitamin D intake, making it harder for our bodies to fight back against germs.

But teas, especially herbal teas, usually contain compounds with potential immune-boosting properties. In fact, ingredients like ginger, honey, and lemon are often added to hot tea for their potential immune-supportive effects.

Improved Circulation

Blood circulation plays a crucial role in maintaining body temperature by ensuring that heat is distributed efficiently throughout the body. But when temperatures drop, our blood circulation slows, putting us at risk of hypothermia if exposed too long.

Luckily, tea has a number of compounds that can help regulate and maintain circulation. These compounds can help relax blood vessels, making blood flow easier. But they also often have anti-inflammatory properties as well, which can contribute to overall cardiovascular health. Tea has also been associated with reduced blood clots and blood pressure regulation, both of which are essential to good having good circulation.

What Are the Best Teas to Drink in Winter?

Of course, the answer to this question often comes down to your personal tastes. Nearly every type of tea will have a benefit and help warm you up.

But if you want to maximize your inner warmth and protect against the ravages of winter, we highly recommend drinking green or herbal teas. Green teas are less processed than black teas, and therefore maintain more of the beneficial compounds discussed above. At the same time, spiced teas like chai often contain many of the same benefits with the added warmth of spices like cinnamon and cloves—essential winter flavors we love.

Want to taste teas to warm you up this winter? We’ve got you covered! Check out our selection of premium African hand-crafted teas, all perfect for cozying it up when you’re cold.

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