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From Leaf to Cup: The Journey of Creating Unique Tea Blends

From Leaf to Cup: The Journey of Creating Unique Tea Blends

We’ve talked in the past about the different types of tea that you can get, but most teas you buy are actually blends. The teas we sell in our shop aren’t just a bunch of loose leaves. They’re a carefully selected blend of teas, herbs, spices, flowers, and even roots like in our Quietude blend!

So what’s the secret behind our blends? It’s really no secret at all. But perhaps unlike other tea sellers, we don’t start with a flavor in mind. We start with an intent.

All our tea blends are created to help with specific things, such as sleep, digestion, mental clarity and focus. We believe that focusing on the outcome of drinking tea is far more help to create mindfulness and wellness for our customers. After all, tea drinking is a key ingredient to good mental health.

But it’s not all so serious, either! We also develop blends that are fun, such as our seasonal blends that are only available for limited times.

Once we have an intent in mind, we set out to develop the blend. This is our research and development phase. It’s here that we experiment by combining different teas with other ingredients that are aligned with the intention. For example, our Black Orange Spice tea contains clove, which is known for being antibacterial and rich in antioxidants.

Whatever the blend we’re working on, we always adhere to the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Silly! That means that we aim to have the fewest amount of ingredients in each tea as possible while still achieving the intent.

Once we’re satisfied with the flavor and effects, we will test out our blend. That’s often done with family and friends, but we also regularly visit farmers markets or other events to get feedback. We then will tweak the recipe several times, testing and re-testing until we get it right!

From there, we contact our tea farming partners in Africa to discuss ingredients and blends. The farm then hand picks the ingredients, dries and cures them, blends them according to our instructions, and sends it to us for packaging.

It’s important to note that while we don’t make custom blends directly for customers, we can make them for wholesale customers. Send wholesale inquiries to if you’re interested.

Ultimately, our goal is to help people find healing, wellness, and connection to themselves and the world. All our blends are created mindfully, with intention and care. Combined with promoting social consciousness and supporting women-own enterprises, it’s the cornerstone of our business and the tea drinking experience.

We invite you to experience tea with mindfulness and intentionality. Visit our shop to explore the various flavors and tea blends we have to offer!

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