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One Year Anniversary of Cured Leaves!

One Year Anniversary of Cured Leaves!

June is a very special month for us at Cured Leaves. For starters, this June will mark the one-year anniversary of Cured Leaves Tea. I’ve poured my heart and soul into making this more than just a business, but a resource for those in need of emotional and mental well-being.

June is not only the month I officially launched Cured Leaves Tea, but also my mother’s birth month. If you’ve read my previous post, you know that my mother, her mental health challenges, and my own, have all influenced the creation and continued mission of Cured Leaves Tea. Another aspect of my mother that I’d like to share with you is that she is and has always been a caregiver. Specifically, she uses her hands to care for others.

Hands are an important part of the tea experience, and I think about how my mother uses hers whenever I hold a cup of tea. The care she gives with her hands is also found in the healing properties we grant gift ourselves when we take the time to enjoy and appreciate tea.

In a similar sense, I use my hands to create unique tea blends, curated to help support women with anxiety and depression both here at home and in African countries from where the tea is cultivated. The symbol of hands holding tea and herbs was captured in this photo as our cultural symbol.

Tea connects me to my mother as a caregiver, in that just as she gave birth to and nurtured me to the best of her ability, I birthed and am nurturing Cured Leaves Tea as an entity and experience.

Not only is June connected to my mother, but it’s also Pride Month, National PTSD Awareness Month, and even National Iced Tea month. I love the idea that Cured Leaves Tea shares a month with each of these (and many more important people and awareness movements).

The month of June is both a summer month in the northern half of the world and a winter month in the southern half of the world. This signifies a full acceptance of polarity and variance or energy and valency. I find this combination of energies a vital part of creating blends that feed both our souls and our taste buds whether consumed hot or iced.

June is a month of spiritual opening and abundance. It brings laughter, joy and excitement, as well as the energy of unity, compassion, and vibrance. It is a time of fertility, when all the flowers are in full bloom and the birds and bees are at the height of activity. June is also the month of balance, power, strength, clarity and light also ushering in the summer and winter solstices being at the center of the year (i.e. the 6th month).

June’s connection to tea couldn’t be stronger. Tea brings the spirit of giving and exchange through communion as we often find connection to others through conversation, but also meaning, growth, trust and understanding. I see Cured Leaves as being at the center of health, wellness, and community, using tea drinking, storytelling, and the subtle art of sharing conversations to promote abundance.

I invite you to join our community of tea drinking conversationalists. Sign up for our newsletter and share your story with us!

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