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Tea for Mental Wellness: Teas that Nourish and Support Mental Well-Being

Tea for Mental Wellness: Teas that Nourish and Support Mental Well-Being

One of the reasons why I started Cured Leaves Tea was not only to encourage drinking the world’s best beverage, but to help people to learn about the healing effects tea can have. I’m a firm believer that what we consume—and how we consume it—has a direct influence over our bodies, minds, and souls.

And with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s a perfect time to discuss how tea can help us improve our mental health.

But before we dive into the topic, I want to share my personal mental health story. You see, my mother suffered from the effects of (bi-polar disorder) but when she was growing up, people didn’t like to acknowledge mental health issues, much less talk about them or seek treatment. So she never got the help she needed, which ultimately made her life harder than most.

When I was still fairly young, the state of New Jersey deemed her an unfit mother, and I was taken from her. You’d think such a traumatic experience like that would warrant some mental health treatment for me, but a state-appointed psychologist didn’t see the need, saying that I was very smart and there was nothing wrong with me. That was completely untrue, and I’ve dealt with the emotional fallout from this entire experience my entire adult life.

To this day, my trauma manifests as anxiety, insomnia, and seasonal affective disorder. But I’ve found great things come out of adversity, including Cured Leaves Tea. Let’s take a look at the teas I turn to when things seem too much to handle.


I turn to this beautiful blend of South African Honeybush and green rooibos whenever I start to feel anxiety creeping in. It’s also a powerful sleep aid, using chamomile, valerian root, lavender, and calendula. I tend to sip this before going to bed and I find it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, allowing me a full night’s rest. That way, I can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day’s challenges without anxiety getting in the way.

Green Mint Magic

This simple concoction of green tea and peppermint is great for waking up the senses. It’s minty aroma magically transports me to a field of fresh mint. When problems seem like they’re too hard to handle, a pot of this tea reminds me to breath and helps me relax.

Velvet Greens

Another green tea with restorative power, Velvet Greens transports me to the rolling hills of Malawi. This luxurious, velvety-smooth tea offers subtle notes of nectar and Mediterranean stone fruit. But more importantly, it helps me achieve clarity and focus. I particularly enjoy this when I’m trying to work out a particularly complex issue—either at work on in my personal life—as it stimulates both my creativity and empathy.

I’m grateful that we live in an age where mental health is less stigmatized. Drinking tea, practicing yoga, and meditating all help to keep me centered and focused. And I see how it can help(s) others daily.

Of course, sometimes it’s important to also ask for help. If you feel you need support some help, I encourage you to reach out to someone—either a friend, a family member, or a mental health organization. The National Institute of Mental Health has a fairly comprehensive list of resources: (The Veteran’s Crisis Helpline is also an available resource for those that have served by calling 1.800.273.8255 or texting 838255.

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